What we do

We’re “speech laboratory specialists,” and here’s what we’ll do for you:
  • We will always talk with you in plain English. No technology-babble.
  • We will objectively analyze your needs “from scratch.”
We’ll tell you what a speech laboratory system will and will not do for you.

3. If you already have speech laboratory equipment and software, we will:

  • Evaluate it and help you understand it–quickly
  • Make it work for you, if possible
  • Teach your people how to use it
  • If it’s “wrong” for you, we’ll do battle with whoever sold it to you to get it traded in, replaced or repaired
  • If necessary, we’ll modify it or replace it at the lowest cost possible

4. If you haven’t purchased speech laboratory yet, we’ll guide you in doing so. . . picking the right equipment and software for your needs. We are speech laboratory specialists. We’re serving schools since 1987. We’re on your side!