About Us

About us

Bottomline Phonetic Speech Laboratory started as a seller of speech lessons in audio cassette tapes in 1987. The apparent need of clients to learn English pronunciation is its main motivation to offer the product to educational institutions. Bottomline Phonetic Speech Laboratory started with the analogue system and eventually to the digital system to be in tune with the changing technology.
Bottomline Phonetic Speech Laboratory established offices in many parts of the Philippines, following the marketing principle that “You have to put yourself closer to the customers, to make more sales.” It was a good principle for others but not for us that are having seasonal product because schools only order once every ten years for a speech laboratory, so we decided to maintain only one office in Davao City, Philippines.

This office served not only schools, colleges and universities in the Philippines but also overseas, like Tanzania, East Africa. Bottomline Phonetic Speech Laboratory, with its experience of serving overseas, envisioned to expand its operation globally and it is now targeting the United Arab Emirates; ASEAN countries; African countries and as far as Europe.

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