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Communicative in English and Other Languages.

We help schools in empowering their teachers by giving them the right tools in training their students how to become communicative in oral English and other language. We do this by providing the right speech laboratory equipment with adequate technical support and educational materials, like the pedagogical lessons that give emphasis on sound production and pronunciation, supported by lots of pronunciation exercises through word drills and sentence drills.

The speech laboratory is an audio or audio-visual system used as an aid in modern language teaching. They can be found, amongst other places, in schools, universities, and academies. Current installations are generally multimedia PCs. The original language labs are now very outdated. They allowed a teacher to listen to and manage student audio via a hard-wired analogue tape deck based systems with ‘sound booths’ in fixed locations.

The ‘traditional’ system generally comprises a master console (teacher position) which is electrically connected to a number of rows of student booths (US: carrels), typically containing a student tape recorder and headset with a boom arm microphone.

Improve Listening

With the help of effective, efficient and excellent services of the phonetic speech laboratory, you can improve your students' listening skills.

Improve Language

Don’t let language become a barrier to your students' growth and success, avail our benefits to improve your students' language.

Improve Comprehension

Listen, understand and analyze the language you find difficulty in with the aid of our FREE PEDAGOGICAL VIDEO LESSONS done by expert language scientists and duly evaluated by education authorities.

Here is a taste of what you’ll discover

in this astonishing digital
speech laboratory

  • The 3 steps to train even your most hard-tongued students how to easily pronounce words and sentences correctly, with the right intonation and tempo
  • How to empower your teachers to diagnose and evaluate your students’ pronunciation performance
  • The complete step-by-step program to easily develop your students’ pronunciation and comprehension
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It’s amazing • It’s unequaled • It works

You can use a system that is specifically designed for non-native speakers of English or for hard-tongued students. It’s 100% GUARANTEED and it’s been proven to be wildly effective.
Our system reveals how you can train your students how to easily pronounce words and sentences correctly, with the right intonation and tempo, in 5 months or less, even if your students are coming from Barangay High Schools.

In addition to that, here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll get:
  • Teacher’s digital console pre-loaded with pedagogical lessons in video and audio.
  • With one-to-one, group and broadcast modes.
  • With self-study function and RECORDING.
  • 40 student’s machines (with monitor for Phonetic Premium Power).
  • 40 students’ headsets and 1 Teacher’s headset (headphones with mic).
  • 1 flat TV 42”.
  • 2 levels of teacher’s modeling tools, demonstrating how sounds are produced.
  • 2 levels of phonetic tools using the unparalleled latest information and
    communications technology.

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